Passing the TUV Functional Safety Engineer exam

Michel Houtermans 2014-12-15

Risknowlogy has trained over 4000 professionals world wide with the SILComp® training since the inception of the TUV Functional Safety Certification Program in 1999. We and TUV SUD take our functional safety training program seriously. There are strict requirements to achieve the certification and one of them is passing the exam.

Taking the TUV Functional Safety Engineer exam seriously

I want to share with you an email one of our associates send out to a candidate that took the retake exam after having failed the first time. The candidate travelled to Dubai to retake the exam. When he arrived at the retake exam he explained that he was not able to prepare for the retake. He could not “study in the taxi while his children where with him”. He failed for the 2nd time.

The email

This is the email our associate wrote, because she believes in safety.

Dear X,

I have received feedback that the result has been released to you.

Yearly 2’000’000 people die because of the lack of safety. On top of that come the injured and invalids, the impact this has upon the people involved in the accident, the environment and the families of all victims. Also financially and emotionally.

The course is aimed at refreshing the knowledge and learning what steps can be taken to prevent so much sorrow, pain and damage. It is aimed at reducing deaths and making people happy. Happy that the father comes home safe. A healthy father, that is happy to be able to watch his children grow, and eventually play with the grandchildren, in a safe and healthy environment.

From this perspective you have the opportunity to choose. Either to take this great and wonderful responsibility to spread the knowledge, to be a Safety Ambassador, and not only save lives, but ensure the happy future of generations, or you can choose not to do so.

I believe you have the capability to become a TUV certified engineer and so with become a Safety Ambassador. If you decide that you truly want to, then there are no excuses. You can make the time to study, and with the explanation given above, your family and friends will certainly support your cause.

I sincerely hope that you decide to re-take the exam once more, this time well prepared and ready to become what you can honestly and truly be.

Best regards,

You don’t need to be a safety expert to understand the importance of safety

Not all our associates are engineers, not all of them are experts in risk, reliability or safety. Some of our associates have support functions. Some of our associates are mothers. The associate responsible for the letter is a mother of two and supports the training department in the background. What you might not know is that all of our associates, no matter which role they have in our organisation, need to follow our trainings. It makes everybody aware what we do at Risknowlogy, what we stand for.

Our associate took it to heart that a candidate did not take the retake exam seriously. The candidate, not only responsible for and involved in safety activities at his company, but also a father, a husband, a son and a friend. Does he not care about his family? Does he not care about his colleagues at work? About his friends? Does he not care about safety?

I am very proud of our associate. Well done, you are a true Safety Embassador.