SIL Master

SIL Master is an online tool that makes PFD calculations easy. A calculation is literally carried out in 4 easy steps and takes only a few minutes to complete.

  • Make PFD calculations in four easy steps
  • Automatic report generation
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited safety functions per project
  • Unlimited account devices
  • Access to QID Master optional
  • Scalable with different calculation formulas (public formulas or private formulas)
  • Supports currently IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 calculations
  • Supports architectural constrains from IEC 61508 and IEC 61511
  • Supports PFDavg and PFH calculations
  • Drag and drop


Pay per calculation or annual subscription. Currently the SIL Master tool is available only by invitation. Contact us for more details.

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SIL Master is part of the Master Tool set.