QID Master

The QID)Master Tool is a collection of risk, reliability and safety related information. Information includes failure modes, failure rates, user manuals, data sheets and certificates..

  • Works together with other tools like SIL Master and Markov Master
  • Verified data
  • Historical data
  • Failure rate data
  • Manuals, certificates, data sheets and more are collected per device
  • Per device, where available, SD, SU, DD, DU, NE, and NP failure rates are collected
  • Data points available on model level, safety function level, option level

Contact us if you want us to add your company’s devices.

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Current status

Currently the database holds:

  • 34 Companies
  • 84 Product families / series
  • 396 Models
  • 500 Safety Functions
  • 509 Options
  • 189 Failure Modes
  • 847 Datapoints

When we reach 1000 data points we will release the QID Master tool