Master Tools

The master tools set represent a set of best in its class and easy to use online tools. The Master Tools are development and maintained by Risknowlogy.

SIL Master

SIL Master is an online PFD calculation tools. In 4 easy steps PFDavg or PFH calculations are made according to functional safety standards like IEC 61508, ISA S84, etc. Click here for more information.

QID Master

QID Master is an online collection of failure rate data and equipment information. The information is verified and approved by Risknowlogy. Click here for more information.

Markov Master (coming in 2019)

Markov Master is an online Markov modelling and probabilistic calculation tool. For experts only. Click here for more information.

Compliance Case Master (coming in 2019)

Compliance Case Master is an online Compliance tool. Any product, project, process, that needs to be compliant with laws, standards, checklists etc can be managed by Compliance Case. Click here for more information.