Introducing SILComp® – Certify your competence in SIL

risknowlogy 2013-11-12

SILComp® – A mark of personal competence

In the functional safety world it is important to demonstrate your competence. Standards alike IEC 61508, IEC 61511, IEC 62061, the draft standard ISO 26262 all require competent professionals to carry out their work. At Risknowlogy we realised a training program with personal certification especially with this purpose in mind. The SILComp® program will offer you a Risknowlogy or third party (like TUV) certificate when you are competent in SIL.

Measuring competence

In order to receive a personal certificate under the SILComp® program you need to demonstrate you are competent. At Risknowlogy we measure competence based on three important pillars:

  1. Have your received formal training
  2. Have you gained the knowledge
  3. Have you got practical experience

In practice there is a forth pillar: personal attitude.

SILComp® Training Program

Currently we are offering three TUV certified courses (IEC 61508, IEC 61511, and ISO 26262) under the SILComp program and we are developing several new Risknowlogy courses. The Risknowlogy courses will focus on SIL related tasks based on the lifecycle where they are applied. We are developing courses for HRA, system integration, verification and calculation, operation and maintenance, instrument technicians, reliability modelling and calculations, etc.

Over time we will update you on this blog with the latest developments in regards to SILComp®.