First Functional Safety and SIL Workshop at Mumbai Automation Expo 2017

risknowlogy 2017-08-22

The Automation Expo held annually in Mumbai for the past several years, is one of the premier expositions, not only in India but in South Asia. With more than 800 exhibitors from several countries participating and an estimated 50,000 visitors, it is indeed a very large event, especially in a niche sector such as Industrial Automation.

There are several concurrent events organized every year. This year, Risknowlogy was invited to conduct a Basics of Functional Safety and SIL workshop according to IEC 61508 and IEC 61511, by the expo organizers. Mr. Mandar Phadke, Director, Risknowlogy India was the speaker & trainer for this workshop. For this paid workshop, there were more than 60 participants from leading Indian and multinational companies from different industry sectors, such as Reliance, Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum, Vedanta, Nuclear Power Corporation, United Phosphorous, E+H, Technip, Jacobs, Daimler, Atlas Copco and many more.

The workshop gave a Basic knowledge and understanding of the entire field of Functional Safety including various application areas such as Oil & Gas, Chemical, Machinery, Railway, Automotive and others along with the applicable standards. Various practical exercises related to identification of Failures in programmable Safety Systems, SIL Determination for Overfill prevention systems and general Safety System Design were also done, that saw enthusiastic participation by all participants. Real life cases related to Functional Safety were included, as were newer topics such as Cybersecurity of Safety Instrumented Systems.

60 professionals attend Functional Safety and SIL Workshop at Mumbai Automation Expo 2017

The training conducted is part of the extensive training catalog at Risknowlogy on SIL and Functional Safety. Here is a brief list of topics that were covered:

  1. Introduction to Functional Safety
  2. Functional Safety in different industries & standards used in them
  3. Hazards, Risks, Consequences
  4. Reliability of Safety Systems including practical exercise & concept of SIL, concept of demand
  5. Functional Safety Management & the Safety Lifecycle
  6. SIL Assessment (SIL Study/Determination) including practical exercise
  7. Designing & building the Safety System including practical exercise with concepts of Hardware Fault Tolerance, Systematic Capability, Software Requirements, various tables in IEC 61508
  8. SIL Verification & Validation including Markov analysis
  9. Certification including for products, systems & people
  10. Cybersecurity aspects of Safety Systems

All participants receive a Risknowlogy Safety Passport. The Safety Passport is an online competence track record. The passport keeps track of the holder’s competencies, and participation in trainings and events related to risk, reliability and safety. For many delegates this is is their first entry into their Safety Passport.


Overall, the participants in the workshop, were very happy with the Risknowlogy training and gave a highly positive feedback and appreciation. The organizers of the Automation Expo were also very happy with the response to the workshop by participants and they presented a plaque in appreciation. At Risknowlogy training is an experience. Get trained, get competent, get certified.

“We are pleased to inform that “Automation Expo 2017” was a great success. This is the first time we had 6 concurrent events at “Automation Expo 2017”. The workshop on “Sil & Functional Safety”, was our first workshop. IED Communications Ltd & Board of Governors thank you for making this workshop successful. We are thankful for the time and effort you took to share your thoughts and expertise to the delegates. The delegates were happy. We look forward for your support in future also.” – M. AROKIASWAMY – Managing Director