3rd Functional Safety Engineer and Professional certification course in Delhi

risknowlogy 2017-06-25

From 19-22 June Risknowlogy India organised the 3rd Functional Safety Engineer and Professional certification course in Delhi. The course was attended by participants from Larsen & Toubro, ICONS Engineering Services, IRCA, Petrofac, GE, and Deccan Fine Chemicals. The participants got trained in the fundamental concept of the 2nd edition IEC 61511 with exam.

PS This was the 21st Risknowlogy course in India with certification…

Here is what the participants had to say:

  • “It was a well conceived, comphrehensive and well conducted course on Functional Safety. Right topics are chosen and covered. Competent faculty. Good exercises and good course material” – Kameswara Rao G (ICON)
  • “Quite useful to undersand the entire Safety Lifecycle activities and their importance” – Ashok Kumar Sharma (IRCA)
  • “Excellent course conducted by a highly knowledgeable and expert faculty” – Arvind Kaushik (L&T)
  • “Excellent” – Manu Kaushal (Petrofac)
  • “Very well conducted, it gives a very well feeling of what it means to comply with the standard” – Arundhati Bapat (L&T)
  • “Well commended, for awareness all my colleagues should follow this course” – Sameer V. Shah – (L&T)

Risknowlogy Safety PassportSafety Passport

All participants will receive a Risknowlogy Safety Passport and if they pass the associated four exam they will also receive a TUV certificate for professional or engineer.


The course itself is part of the SILComp training program. This is a personal development program for anybody who wants to get knowledgable and competent in SIL. The SILComp program consists of over 20 different training programs related to SIL. There is something in there for everybody.

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