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We create value for people and the planet. Risknowlogy Solutions Pvt Ltd is the Indian arm of the Risknowlogy Group from Switzerland. We provide products, services, consulting, certification and training that create a sustainability for people, planet and companies. We do this for different industry verticals like Nuclear, Oil&Gas, Chemicals, Railway and Machinery.

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Functional Safety Training

Our training classes are proven in use. With over 10000 professionals trained worldwide we have an unmatched track record.  The are just perfect.

Business Consulting

We consult on the implementation of SIL and Functional Safety Management Systems.


We certify products, solutions, sites, organisations and professionals related to SIL and Functional Safety

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Congratulations Rajasekar Saravanan on becoming a Specialist with Distinction

2019-08-08 by risknowlogy
Stamp Certified Competence -
Congratulations Rajasekar Saravanan on becoming a Specialist with Distinction. Rajasekar followed the five day Functional Safety and SIL for Safety Instrumented Systems training course. The training course comes with an exam where the passing criteria is 60%. When you pass the exam you become a Certified Specialist. Rajasekar passed the exam with a score over 85% and this qualifies him as certified Specialist with Distinction. Congratulations Rajasekar. What did Rajasekar Saravanan have to say about the training?

All SIL projects need a functional safety plan

2019-08-08 by risknowlogy
Ubuntu -
If you refer to the IEC 61508, IEC 61511 or other functional safety standards for your work, do you know that you need a functional safety plan in order to comply with the standards? Simply because the functional safety plan defines all the work activities that must be achieved over the full safety life cycle. But not only that, it helps to identify the professionals, the departments, the companies in charge of the work activities along with their responsibilities. As well as the necessary documentation, procedures and the various means to carry out the work activities.

Calling all functional safety professionals – Sign up now!

2019-07-15 by risknowlogy
Ubuntu -
Ubuntu, our safety mascot, is calling all functional safety professionals. He wants everybody to be safe at all times. No matter were you are going, whom you are going with, or where you are working, being and feeling safe is your right to have. It is your right and your obligation. The name Ubuntu means “I am because you are”. We could not express how to achieve safety better than this. How can you be safe at work if your work environment or colleagues are behaving unsafe. How can your colleagues be safe and your work environment be safe if

Functional Safety, SIL and Cyber Security workshop Mumbai June 2018

2018-06-12 by risknowlogy
2018.06-Mumbai-11-6 -
Risknowlogy India organised on 11 June 2018 a Functional safety, SIL and Cyber Security workshop in Mumbai. The workshop was attended by participants from HPCL, ONGC and ADNCO. They got trained by Mr. Mandar Phadke. All participants received a Safety Passport for attending this course. Feedback from the course The course received an approval rating of 82%. On average the participants felt they improved their knowledge about the topic What did the participants say: “I got to understand the meaning & necessity of safety equipment and procedures that I deal with” – Amit G. “Presentation was good” – Archana V.

SIL 3 Bloomfoss Actuators BP Series

2018-04-16 by risknowlogy
Bloomfoss - BP Double Acting Actuator -
Risknowlogy certifies the SIL 3 Bloomfoss Actuators BP Series according to IEC 61508 2nd edition. The actuators achieve SIL 3 and STL 5.
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