Functional Safety, SIL and Cyber Security workshop Mumbai June 2018

risknowlogy 2018-06-12

Risknowlogy India organised on 11 June 2018 a Functional safety, SIL and Cyber Security workshop in Mumbai. The workshop was attended by participants from HPCL, ONGC and ADNCO. They got trained by Mr. Mandar Phadke. All participants received a Safety Passport for attending this course.

Feedback from the course

The course received an approval rating of 82%. On average the participants felt they improved their knowledge about the topic

What did the participants say:

  • “I got to understand the meaning & necessity of safety equipment and procedures that I deal with” – Amit G.
  • “Presentation was good” – Archana V.
  • “Informative and relevant topic” – H.S.
  • “Colleagues should attend this course when they are new to SIL” – Nikita S.
  • “I liked the learning through example and knowing about strategies to implement safety was a must learn lessson” – Shruti P
  • “Overall it is very good. Some topics need to  be deeply discussed” – Vivek K.
  • “Highly knowledgable” – Yashdup G

More information

If you want more information or if you want to attend out next Functional Safety, SIL and Cyber Security workshop then please contact our Risknowlogy India office.