Functional Safety Roadshow Milano – October 2016

risknowlogy 2016-10-18
Mrs Lidia Renes, Risknowlogy Country manager for Italy, organised the Risknowlogy Functional Safety Roadshow Milano, on thursday 13 October 2016 . The topics for the roadshow were:

Didier Turcinovic was the main speaker updating the audience in the Italian language on important changes in the 2nd Edition of IEC 61511. He also presented 10 common mistakes made in industry when dealing with SIL and Functional Safety.

Dr Michel Houtermans, founder and CEO handed out signed copies of his book Functional Safety and SIL in a Nutshell. This book, written in a simple language explains the concepts of Functional Safety. It is easy to understand and accessible to all professionals with different backgrounds and levels of responsibility.

Results Functional Safety Roadshow Milano

The experience of the road show was first-rated by the audience. This is what some of the delegates expressed:

  • “The comparison between IEC 61511 edition 1 and edition 2 was explained in a very simple and understandable way”
  • “Despite the short duration it was very comprehensive”
  • “Very interesting and enlightning”
  • “It was positive that the event was in Italian”
  • “I had some hesitation about the updates in Edition 2, but now I feel comfortable and know where to look for”

Risknowlogy Support for the Italian Market

Risknowlogy is committed to support the Italian Market. Mrs Lidia Renes and Mr. Didier Turcinovic are the local contact persons for Italy. Together they have many years of business experience. Risknowlogy provides Italy with functional safety products, certification and training to the Italian market. For 2017 several training courses have been planned including the TUV FS Engineer course.