Risknowlogy Functional Safety Management certification pays off

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Functional Safety Management CertificationDoes your company sell functional safety related products or services? If you answered yes, then your company must have a functional safety management system. If your company does not have an FSM system your clients will stop buying from you in the future. Why?

The latest functional safety standards require that end users must have procedures in place to verify the adequacy of the supplier’s functional safety management system. Do you as a supplier want to demonstrate in an easy way to each end user that you have a functional safety management system?

The Risknowlogy Functional Safety Management certification will pay off big time for you. Get certified one time and help the end user demonstrate compliance by submitting your FSM certificate. Easy for you, easy for the end user. Compliance for all.

We certify functional safety management systems according to the following standards:

  • IEC 61508 – Generic functional safety
  • IEC 61511 – Process industry
  • EN 5012X – Railway

Functional safety management certification can be done for:

  • Product suppliers
  • Consulting / Service providers
  • System integrators
  • EPCs
  • End users

Three steps to get your FSM certified

The Risknowlogy certification process is an easy and straight forward three step process:

  1. Kickoff meeting and GAP analysis
  2. Documentation review
  3. Certification

We support your FSM with templates

When Risknowlogy certifies your company, you do not stand alone. We support you from day one with templates that make the process easy. We bring the following templates to the kick-off meeting:

  1. Functional safety plan template
  2. Verification plan template
  3. Assessment plan template
  4. Competency procedure template
  5. Suppliers procedure template
  6. Communication procedure template
  7. Configuration management procedure template
  8. Modification procedure template
  9. Tools procedure template

You need to have our company’s FSM system certified?

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