First functional safety conference in Venezuela

risknowlogy 2017-08-06

CSF organised the first functional safety conference and training in Lechería, Venezuela, from 22 to 26 of May 2017. Due to a strategic alliance between CSF and Risknowlogy it was possible for Venezuelan engineering professionals to get trained and certified as functional safety engineers and professionals for safety instrumented systems according to IEC 61511.

It is important to note the effort involved to get the conference and training to take place in times when in Venezuela strong social and economical conflicts are present. Consignment “safety first” was never better applied and now SIL competency in Venezuela is a fact.

First functional safety conference in Venezuela

On May 22 CSF organised the first conference on SIL and functional safety for safety instrumented systems in Lechería, Anzoátegui. More than 80 professionals attended the conference. During the conference several application developments based on IEC 61511 and its safety life cycle were introduced. Lic. Ricardo A. Vittoni, Managing Director of Risknowlogy for Latin America delivered a presentation entitled “Safety requires knowledge and competency. Two values that can be certified”


First functional safety conference in Venezuela

Participants to the First functional safety conference in Venezuela on Safety Instrumented Systems


Certified Functional Safety Management Procedures

At the end of the conference, Mr. Vittoni presented to CSF their newly obtained certificates for their FSM procedures. Risknowlogy certified the CSF procedures according to the 2nd edition of IEC 61511. The certification applied to the FSM procedures addressing:

  • Hazard and Risk Analysis
  • Allocation of safety functions to protection layers
  • Development of functional and safety requirements specifications

CSF is the first company in Venezuela and Latin America to obtain this type of certification. The certification was issued according to the protocols of Risknowlogy certification program

SIL competency in Venezuela - Lic. Ricardo A. Vittoni delivers to CSF the compliance on IEC 61511 certificates

Lic. Ricardo A. Vittoni delivers to CSF the certificates for their FSM Procedures according to IEC 61511


First SIL competency certification course in Venezuela

After the conference Risknowlogy delivered the first Functional Safety Engineer and Professional for Safety Instrumented Systems training course with certification to 18 professionals. The training course is part of the SILComp training program. Each participant obtained their personal Safety Passport, an online record documenting their participation and competence in functional safety.

Risknowlogy certification course covers al aspects of the IEC 61511 safety life cycle on which both engineers and professionals in safety instrumented systems play an important role. That is from the specification, installation and commissioning, to the operation and maintenance of safety instrumented systems for the process industry. It was an enriching experience and now Venezuela counts on 12 new professionals and engineers certified by Risknowlogy and the TUV.


SIL competency in Venezuela - Attendees to the certification course SILComp 61511 Pro

Attendees to the certification course SILComp 61511 Pro


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