Risknowlogy witnesses FAT Wellhead Control Panel WHCP

risknowlogy 2016-09-07

Risknowlogy witnesses FAT Wellhead Control Panel (WHCP) for a SIL 3 certification project. The project is carried out according to IEC 61511. In the picture you see all WHCPs lined up, ready to be tested. A simulator was used to simulate signals from the field. The FAT is that last major step in the certification process. After successful testing the project documentation is completed. A few more weeks and these WHCP are fully certified to SIL 3. Job well done team. Excellent.

Certifying the PLC of the WHCP

The certification project focuses on the PLC of the WHCP and includes the following:

When safety PLCs are used for safety instrumented systems the majority of the effort goes into the application program. IEC 61511 has many requirements related to application software addressing

  • Software Safety Requirements Specification;
  • Application software design and development;
  • Application software testing and documentation.

All this work is performed by competent professionals and before the FAT takes place.

FAT Wellhead Control Panel

IEC 61511 requires companies to perform validation testing. FAT or factor acceptance testing is part of validation testing and is performed before the WHCP is shipped to the field. During the FAT the hardware and software is tested according to the safety requirements specification (SRS). A well performed FAT gives the end user confidence that the WHCP he ordered is also the WHCP manufactured and the WCHP that is shipped to the field.

A good FAT for WHCPs not only tests the desired functionality of the safety instrumented functions installed but also what happens when unexpected events happen. During the FAT you still have the chance to thoroughly test. You cannot do that any more when the WHCP is installed in the field and you perform Site Acceptance Testing (SAT). Check out our safety moment – 8 Ways to improve your FAT.

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