Sustainable Profitability for End Users

Whether your company drills for oil, operates a chemical plant, runs the national train system, flies airplanes around the world, or performs thousands of financial transactions a day. Your company, the end user, is ultimately responsible for achieving profitability. To do so end users need reliable and safe processes, no matter what the process is, no matter which technologies they apply and no matter in which jurisdiction they need to operate.

In order to stay competitive end-users need to invest and that is what they do. They are investing billions in their people, in their assets, in research and development, in new technologies, and even in their suppliers. In the end all with one goal in mind, i.e., to have a sustainable profitable company.

How Risknowlogy Supports End Users

  • Identify hazards or potential problems
  • Analyse the hazards or problems in terms of risk
  • Determine how much risk reduction is needed to protect yourself against this risk
  • Select reliable and safe (technological) solutions to safeguard against the risks
  • Train your personnel and suppliers
  • Certify products, solution, organisations and personnel

I Need Profitability


More specific

  • FTA, ETA
  • Risk Matrix, Risk Graph, LOPA
  • OHA, AHA
  • Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety

The Art Of Profitability

Risknowlogy can support you in your quest to profitability. Many companies only focus on the standard business aspects like their customers, their competitors, their product development, their innovation, their marketing, their sales, and so on. All very important aspects of business. But does your company understand the risks associated with the business? What happens if your oil company causes an oil spill resulting in a natural disaster? What happens if the ebanking software has a bug and transfers every payment two times? What happens if a power outage shuts down your production facility for a week? What happens if your company’s pension fund looses so much money that it is not possible to pay the pensions any more?

Risknowlogy looks at profitability from a risk management point of view.  We offer services that help you understand all aspects of your business in terms of risk. If you have only one supplier that supplies you with a critical basic material for your production process, then the risk associated with your product is very high in case the supplier for what ever reason cannot supply any more. How high is this risk, how much priority should you give it? These are the kind of questions we help you find the answers for. And once you know the answers you can take informed decisions.