E+H Overfill Prevention System – Certified by Risknowlogy

risknowlogy 2015-03-22

Endress+Hauser created a video about their Risknowlogy SIL certified Overfill Prevention System (OPS). The OPS is designed to be compliant with IEC 61511 and API2350. Dr. Michel Houtermans was interviewed to for this video to explain the SIL certification process.

Risknowlogy Certification Program

At Risknowlogy we certify products, services, software, solutions, organisations, and people. The OPS is a typical example of a solutions certification. Other safety solutions we certify include HIPPS and ESD systems. Contact us if you want certify your solution. Visit our certification page to find out more about the Risknowlogy Certification Program.

E+H Overfill Prevention System – Certified by Risknowlogy

You can visit the E+H website for more information on their Overfill Prevention System: http://www.endress.com/ops

Increasing Safety in the Middle East

The E+H Overfill Prevention System was first installed in the Middle East. Read more about this success story here. Risknowlogy witnessed the SAT as part of the OPS SIL certification. The OPS is SIL 3 certified and installed as an out of the box solution. It monitors thirteen tanks with spare for an additional three tanks. The OPS monitors the level and either gives an alarm or takes automated action in case their is a risk of overfilling the tank. In case of any error or alarm, visible and audible notifications are activated and the related messages are shown on the display and on cabinet with the possibility to have more details about the failures. The OPS can be proof tested and full logs are maintained.