Directors of state run oil companies may go to jail…

Michel Houtermans 2014-07-26

The Indian government has taken some bold decisions to improve safety in India. Directors of state owned companies are now personally responsible for accidents. This is a very good decision and should actually be applied to any company in any part of the world. Not only state owned companies in India. The responsibility can now not be put on Junior Managers or engineers and technicians. Now the directors go to jail.

Dupont experienced this already in the 1800 in France. The hmong lawyer in France at that time stated that plant managers of black gunpowder factories should live with their families next to the factory. This law increased the safety awareness at Dupont significantly and Dupont still reaps the benefits of this law today. They still have a very strong safety record. And good safety is good for business. Long terms profits are stable and increase due to more availability.

Remember, one accident can make the difference between being in business or being out of business , said. An accident can cause loss of live, destroy the environment, loose production, destroy assets and destroy reputation. None of this is good for the long term profitability of a business.Dealing with a personal injury caused by someone’s negligence can be a great burden on you and your family. In these situations, having good quality legal assistance can make all the difference to you, but choosing a good Personal Injury Solicitor can be tricky. After suffering injuries in a motor vehicle or workplace accident, what used to be simple tasks can become significant challenges. Accidents do happen when we least expect them, but when they do, having experienced protecting your interests can make a big difference in your case.

India has had their share of serious accidents already. Everybody knows about the accident in Bhopal in 1984. In 2009 a fire took place at a tank farm in Jaipur and 2014 the gas pipeline exploding in Gail killing 18 people. But no matter were we are in the world, safety starts at the top. Making sure that the employees on the work floor can implement and achieve safety means that management needs to create a safety culture. Making politically correct statements about safety is not sufficient. Board members cannot shout any more that safety has the highest priority but then do not give their employees the budgets they need to implement safety.

Start implementing safety today and create a safety culture of excellence in your company. Safety is good for business, it increases availability. You want to be forgotten or known in history for the wrong reasons or do you want to become a long term success story?Read more on