SILComp®: Certify your competence in SIL

SILComp® stands for SIL Competence and is part of the Risknowlogy Certification Program for professionals dealing with SIL. Risknowlogy offers a number of training courses that can be used by professionals to develop and demonstrate their competence in SIL.

The training courses are based on international standards such as IEC 61508, IEC 61511, ISO 26262, and other functional safety standards. All the standards that deal with SIL require that professionals who work with these standards to be able to demonstrate their competence. The SILComp® certification program achieves exactly that.

SILComp® qualification criteria

Professionals can only be certified under the SILComp® competence scheme if the applicable qualification criteria are met. Each course comes with its own unique criteria but they are always based on:

  • Formal training
  • Practical experience
  • Demonstration of acquired knowledge

The demonstration of the acquired knowledge is done by examination, by case studies or both depending on the course.

SILComp® training courses

For the list of SILComp training courses visit our training courses page.

What you will get

Risknowlogy Certified Competence MarkProfessionals meeting the qualification criteria will get:

  • A certificate of competence
  • The right to carry the Risknowlogy SILComp® logo
  • A personal ID number
  • A listing on our website for your clients to verify your status

Risknowlogy Certification Program

[email protected] is part of the Risknowlogy Certification Program which certifies products, solutions, services, organisations and professionals. The Risknowlogy Certification program solely addresses the field of risk, reliability, and safety.