I want SIL Verification SIL Verification & Calculation Training

Risknowlogy SIL Verification

At Risknowlogy we offer Simple SIL Verification, SIL Verification or SIL Certification. SIL Verification allows the customer to select which tasks need to verified by Risknowlogy and which ones not. The verification can be carried out on safety related products, functions or complete systems.

When we perform the verification the resulting technical report will document what has been verified and what is our conclusion. The conclusion could be that the requirements for that particular task are SIL compliant or that there are gaps identified during the verification process. It is then up to the users discretion how to deal with any gaps.

The service can be performed according to all functional safety standards like IEC 61508, IEC 61511, IEC 62061, EN 510126, EN 50128, EN 50129 and so on.

Task Description SIL Verification
1 Verification SRS
2 Verification Hardware and Embedded Software Optional
3 (Verification) reliability calculation
4 Verification application logic Optional
5 Verification Basic Safety Optional
6 Verification User Documentation Optional
7 SIL Verification FAT, iFAT, SAT Optional
8 SIL Verification Report

I want SIL Verification course. The objective of the course is to give Functional Safety Professionals in depth and practical experience of SIL Verification and Calculation according to IEC 61511. It is the next stage in your professional development.

Not sure?

If you want 100% assurance that all SIL requirements have been met request Risknowlogy SIL Certification service. Don’t know whether verification or certification is the right option for you to choose? See our comparison table. We also offer SIL Verification and Certification according to IEC 61511.