Simple SIL Verification

At Risknowlogy we offer Simple SIL Verification, Risknowlogy Certification Program or SIL Certification. Simple SIL Verification means we only carry out a PFD calculation (Probability of Fail Dangerous) and issue a technical report. Depending on the mode of operation of the safety function we either calculate for you the PFDavg or PFH. The calculation can be performed according to standards like IEC 61508, ISA TR84, IEC 62061 or your own internal standards.

PFD Calculation

At Risknowlogy we have two tools to carry out a PFD calculation. One tool is based on simplified equations as they are listed in standards like IEC 61508 and ISA S84. This is the method of choice for standard architectures. For the more advanced architectures we use our Markov tool. The calculations will be documented and summarised in a SIL Verification report.

Don’t know which option to choose? See our SIL Verification vs SIL Certification comparison table.

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