My installed safety system is SIL compliant – I got it certified

End-users buy SIL certified devices but that does not mean yet that the safety function, loop or system build with these certified devices is SIL compliant itself. To support end-users Risknowlogy offers certification of complete safety functions, loops, and systems.

Typical loops and systems that can be SIL certified include:

  • Safety instrumented function – SIF
  • Complete safety systems with many safety instrumented functions;
  • Emergency shutdown functions – ESD
  • High integrity pressure protection system – HIPPS
  • High integrity protection system – HIPS
  • Overfill prevention systems – OPS
  • Over speed protection systems – OSPS

How is SIL Certification different from SIL Verification?

Verification is an activity that can be performed by any independent person. In practice it means that one person does the work and a colleague within the same department verifies the work. There is always the potential conflict of interest. Certification is an activity that is always performed by an independent party, in this case RISKNOWLOGY. There is no conflict of interest.

In practice SIL Verification is often limited to the PFD calculation. This by itself is a limited review of the correctness of the safety design. SIL Certification is a fully independent activity taking into account all the requirements of the functional safety standards.

Example system certifications

We certify any system. Below are example popular systems: