A Field Certificate is a certificate that a person receive after demonstration real practical experience in a particular field. To receive a Risknowlogy Field Certificate an applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. Proof of formal training in the claimed Field
  2. Two independent references that confirm the person’s professional experience in the claimed Field
  3. Two different case studies demonstrating the person’s active work in this Field
  4. Practical experience in terms of number of hours in this Field
  5. Interview with expert

All Risknowlogy Field Certificates come with a Certification Title. We offer the following Certification Titles:

  • Certified Professional: >40 hours of verifiable FSM project hours, or
  • Certified Expert: >1500 hours of verifiable FSM project hours, or
  • Certified Master: >3000 hours of verifiable FSM project hours

Our Field Certification is part of our conformity assessment program which is compliant with ISO 17024. All applicants receive a personal Safety Passport.