Management of Functional Safety

The basis of any SIL related project is functional safety management. Functional safety management is not the same as project management or quality assurance. Management of functional safety (MFS) assures that all safety related activities are taken care or and does not focus on time and budgets (that is the task of project management. 

MFS makes sure that the right people, do the right work, at the right time and with the right procedures, right tools, right documents, and so on. And all of this in terms of safety.  MFS is not the same as hazard and risk analysis, or software development, or reliability analysis, or verification and validation. MFS does not do the work itself, it manages the work. It make sure that all activities related to safety get done.

Implementing and Certifying Management of Functional Safety

RISKNOWLOGY supports companies and organisations with the implementation and certification of MFS into their organisation. With our MFS certificate you can proof to any interested party that you have the lifecycle activities and procedures in place to perform your work according to the MFS requirements of the applicable functional safety standards. 

Our process is very simple, effective, and practical:

  1. Perform GAP Analysis
  2. Review meetings
  3. Document certification and certificate for your organisation
  4. Periodic MFS Audits (optional)