Risknowlogy Certification Marks

The following marks are examples of certification marks offered by the Risknowlogy Certification Program. The marks are only offered to clients that meet the certification criteria for the particular Mark accruing to the certification program.  The certification criteria usual consists of compliance with the requirements international, national, or internal standards. The certification itself is a process that can take anywhere from a few weeks, to a few months, or even more than year.

Product Certification Marks

Risknowlogy SIL Certified Product Mark Risknowlogy SIL Certified Element Mark Risknowlogy Certified SIL Certified Subsystem Mark



Solution Certification Marks

Risknowlogy SIL Certified Solution Mark Risknowlogy SIL Certified HIPPS Mark Risknowlogy SIL Certified ESD Mark Risknowlogy SIL Certified OPS Mark



Service Certification Marks

Risknowlogy Certified Service Mark Risknowlogy Certified HAZOP Mark Risknowlogy Certified LOPA Mark



Organisation Certification Marks

Risknowlogy Certified Organisation Mark Risknowlogy FSM Certified Mark



Site Certification Marks

Risknowlogy Certified Site Mark Risknowlogy SIL Certified Site Mark



Competence Certification Marks

Risknowlogy Certified Competence Mark