Certification of Pipeline Leak Detection Systems

Did you know that there are more then 2 million km of oil and gas pipelines in the world? Pipelines are not only big business but also strategic future investments, not only from a business point of view but also geopolitical.

Unfortunately their leaks cause major problems for the world.

  • Are killing hundreds of people every year,
  • Are destroying the environment for many years to come, and
  • Are causing businesses to loose billions every year in business interruption, law suites, premiums, and image loss 
  • Are subject to politics between between countries

If you are an pipeline operator it is of upmost interest to you to have a pipeline that is not only extremely available but is also operating safely. As a pipeline operator you highly depend on pipeline leak detection systems (LDS). But how affective are they?

Problems with Leak Detection Systems

There are over 20 different technologies or concepts available to detect leaks in pipelines. They all have the same issues:

  • How reliable are they? What kind of leaks can they detect and how effective are they in leak detection?
  • How often do they cause false alarms or even spurious trips?

None of these systems is 100% perfect and as an pipeline operator you need to chose the systems that work best for you. But how do you know that what you have installed is actually meeting your criteria?

Certification LDS – Lead Detection System

At Risknowlogy we are supporting pipeline operators with certification of leak detection systems certification. Our certification process ensure that the criteria you set for your LDS systems are actually met by your LDS equipment suppliers. The basis of certification are not only the SIL criteria but also the performance criteria that you set for the LDS. Our certification process will include both and requires extra functional testing in a Risknowlogy approved test lab. The basis for SIL are the IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standard.