Certification – It is not qualified unless it is Risknowlogy certified

Many businesses claim their products, systems, solutions, organisations, or professionals possess the qualifications required for the process or job at hand. But with so much at stake, an unverified claim is simply not enough. Risknowlogy is a recognised independent and impartial partner with the infrastructure and knowledge base to act as a third-party certifier and to support customers in obtaining independent reviews from country specific organisations, insurance companies, and local authorities or government agencies.

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It isn’t fully qualified until it’s certified by Risknowlogy

We offer risk, reliability, safety and SIL verification, validation, assessment, audits and certification related to properties of elements, subsystems, products, functions, solutions, systems, organisations, services, and studies and competence of professionals. Our certification results in a certificate and/or report, documenting important properties of interest about the products, systems, organisations, or persons.

Certification is our core business

We certify:

  • Professionals: Technicians, Operators, Specialists, Experts and Masters
  • Services: HAZOP, LOPA, FMEA, FTA, ETA, FMEDA, etc
  • Software: Embedded, Application and Utility software
  • Products: Sensors, Transmitters, Barries, PLCs, Relays, SOVs, Positioners, Actuators, Valves, etc.
  • Sub systems: Speed Meters, Control Panels, Final Elements, etc
  • Solutions: OPS, HIPPS, ESD, SIS, BSM, F&G
  • End-user sites: Tank Farms, Refineries, Petrochemical
  • Organisations: Functional Safety Management

We do this for:

  • People
  • Product manufacturers
  • System integrators
  • EPCs
  • End users
  • Governments, and
  • Insurance companies

Our certification is unlimited

Risknowlogy has issued certificates for

  • The functional safety management procedures of organisations such as product suppliers, system integrators, EPCs, end users, governments and insurance companies
  • Transmitters (pressure, flow, temperature, etc)
  • Relays
  • Valve control panels
  • HIPPS, ESDS, OPS, BMS, F&G systems
  • Mechanical, electro-mechanical, electronic, and programmable electronic devices
  • Wellhead control panel software
  • Smoke detection software for metro stations
  • Lifecycle management software tools
  • HAZOP studies, LOPA studies
  • The knowledge and/or competence of professionals – SILComp®

Definition Certification

A process through which an independent, impartial and qualified entity can attest that the claimed attributes of a product, function, system, or organisation are performed at a verifiable level of dependability.Risknowlogy

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