Calling all functional safety professionals – Sign up now!

risknowlogy 2019-07-15

Ubuntu, our safety mascot, is calling all functional safety professionals. He wants everybody to be safe at all times. No matter were you are going, whom you are going with, or where you are working, being and feeling safe is your right to have. It is your right and your obligation.

The name Ubuntu means “I am because you are”. We could not express how to achieve safety better than this. How can you be safe at work if your work environment or colleagues are behaving unsafe. How can your colleagues be safe and your work environment be safe if you yourself are behaving unsafe. Achieving safety is team work and it is everybody’s obligation.

Ubuntu calling all safety professionals

Are you a professional involved in functional safety related to safety systems?
Do you use for your work activities the IEC 61508, IEC 61511 or other functional standards ?
Do your projects need to comply with these standards?
And do you need to be informed, updated and instructed on functional safety?