• Risknowlogy gave us excellent support in the design of our FSM Functional Safety Management System for our Refineries, by developing new guidelines for Risk Evaluation, HAZOP, LOPA, ETA, FTA, FMEA, safety requirements specification and safety equipment selection. Their work has been the major factor for the realisation of our Proven in Use Data Base which contains all relevant documents and safety related data for devices and instruments which are used in SIF (Safety Instrumented Functions). In addition Risknowlogy trained our internal Process Automation staff in FSM, so that we have now 12 certified Functional Safety Engineers in our team. I can confidently recommend Risknowlogy GmbH as a profound and reliable supplier with experienced experts in their field.
    Ernst Schober, Head of Electrical & Automation @ OMV Refining and Marketing
  • I have worked a long time with safety instrumentation and process safety and have a strong feeling that I can handle it quite well, but I was important for me to have a formal certification to show it to others as well 🙂
    Marko Orpana, SCIS Engineer
  • I've hired Michel several times to conduct Functional Safety Audits on safety systems. He always did an excellent job. In most difficult situations as working under political pressure, and in flavoure of project benefits he and his co-workers did a wonderfull job.

    Wim Janssen, Stafmedewerker @ RWS/CD Bureau Veiligheidsbeambte
  • Dil is brilliant. It was a pleasure listening to him An enjoyable course with a trainer who was very easy to understand and kept the emphasis on of safety paramount whilst not being overly serious. An easy learning environment.
    Attendee, Engineer
  • It was a good course. Mr Michel was quite outstanding.
    , Lead Instrument Engineer