63 new Functional Safety Professionals including Instrument Technicians

risknowlogy 2016-02-01

We are incredibly proud to start 2016 with this many advocates of Functional Safety and SIL. In the last period over a hundred candidates attended the training and demonstrated their knowledge by passing the associated exam.

This week a special congratulations to the below 63 new SILComp® and TUV SUD Functional Safety Professionals, Engineers and Instrument Technicians in IEC 61508IEC 61511ISO 26262.

The TUV Certification is the basis but some professionals decided to get trained in more depth. Special congratulations to the attendees of our latest SIL Verification and Calculation Workshops and our FS and SIL for Instrument Technicians Course.

The following professionals participated in our SILComp® program and got certified. They all met the eligibility requirements:

  • Attending the course to receive training
  • Demonstrating the knowledge by passing the associated exam
  • Having sufficient years of relevant practical experience

Not only did they demonstrate their competence in functional safety and SIL. But, all of them are now Risknowlogized and became our latest Safety Ambassadors who can proudly present their Safety Passports to the world.

63 new TUV Functional Safety Professionals

You did it! You have survived our course and passed the exam. Congratulations! Check out the candidate’s Safety Passport by clicking on the name.

Each Functional Safety Professional gets:

61508 Sample Certificate

61508 Sample Certificate

61511 Sample Certificate

61511 Sample Certificate

ISO 26262 Sample Certificates

26262 Sample Certificates