5th PRIME INTELLIGENCE Helsinki 15 May 2017

risknowlogy 2017-05-18

On 15 May 2017 Safety Advisor and Risknowlogy Switzerland organised the 5th PRIME INTELLIGENCE event in Helsinki, Finland. Risknowlogy has been operating in Finland in cooperation with Safety Advisor for the last 11 years but this was the first time that PRIME INTELLIGENCE came to Helsinki. We had quite a crowd with participants from companies like ABB, Epec, VR Track, Massive Dynamic, Rejlers Finland, Borealis Polymers, Censeo, Mipro and EKE Electronics. They represented industrial automation, solutions providers, infrastructure, expert, procurement and management services, engineering, polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers, safety management and assessment, risk management and environmental safety, vivo assessment management, train automation and system integration. Amazing crowed…

Do you want to know what you missed?

This is some of the feedback we received:

  • “The best thing I learned today was about the top 10 mistakes and how to sell safety to my boss” – Mr. Jyrki Sauramäki – Epec
  • “The whole event was interesting. Perhaps attitude is the most important. I was happy to hear that the environment was taken into consideration.” – Anonymous
  • “I learned about PFD calculations but next time I would like to learn about relay based systems. The teachers are professional with high competence. But they also could explain t hings clearly and understandable” – Mr. Tero Sorsimo – VR Track
  • “Rivers have human rights? Good event, very useful” – Mr. Pauli Kyllönen – Eke Electronics
  • “I learned about proper argumentation for functional safety management activities to the management team” – Mr. Jari Pylvänäinen – Mipro
  • “Overall very good and welcome refresher training” – Mr. Antti Karhu – Censeo
  • “It was refreshing to think about safety BIG, like life and peace” – Mr. Marko Varpunen  – Censeo

About the Presentations

Four different presentations where delivered by Mr. Didier Turcinovic and Dr. Michel Houtermans. Both internationally recognised speakers, trainers and experts in this field. They covered the following topics:

  • Functional safety: a new necessity in the industry?
  • Functional safety for safety-related systems: 10 common mistakes
  • A PFD calculation in 6 steps
  • Functional Safety Management – Go Home Safe – Everyday

Safety Passport

All attendance received a free Safety Passport and Certificate of attendance. With the Safety Passport professional specialists can demonstrate that they keep their knowledge in SIL and Functional Safety up to date. Personal Safety Passports, and their records, are available online at www.risknowlogy.com.


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