Mandar Phadke guest speaker at 20th IET TechDias Event Mumbai

risknowlogy 2014-10-01

IET TechDias Event Mumbai

Last week Friday Mandar Phadke, our Managing Director of Corporate Event Planning India was a guest speaker at the 20th IET TechDias Event. He gave the audience an excellent introduction into SIL and Functional Safety. The IET Mumbai Network invited him as the only speaker that night and it was a very successful event. 36 Professionals attended the event from companies like Technip, NPCC, Petrofac, Aker, and Black & Veatch. Thanks to the excellent talk of Mandar there was a 95% good – very good feedback rating.

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Mandar Phadke Speaking at the 20th IET TechDias Event Mumbai

Mandar talking about SIL and Functional Safety

About IET

IET is the Institution of Engineers and Technologist. Worldwide they have a profession network of over 150,000 members in over 127 countries. The IET was formed in March 2006 by a merger of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE) and the Institution of Incorporated Engineers (IIE). The Institution of Engineering and Technology is registered as a Charity in England, Wales and Scotland.

The IET-Kjsieit Mumbai Network organises TechDias on a regular basis for professionals in the Mumbai Area.