1st SIL Verification and Calculation Workshop in Mumbai

risknowlogy 2015-09-07

Risknowlogy India organised the 1st SIL Verification and Calculation Workshop in Mumbai last week. The workshop was attended by delegates from Reliance, Invensys Schneider, Jacobs, ThyssenKrupp, and Safe-Tronics. In a two day hands-on workshop the delegates learned how to verify the SIL status of Safety Instrumented Functions (SIFs) according to IEC 61511.

During the workshop the following topics where addressed by the trainer Dr. Michel Houtermans:

  • Verification of the Safety function
  • Verification of the Safety requirements Specification, and how to write SMART requirements and better specifications
  • Verification of devices including embedded software
  • Verification of the PFD calculation and how to do calculations yourself
  • Verification of the application software and parametrisation
  • Verification of Basic Safety and User documentation
  • Verification witnessing of FAT, iFAT and SAT including

The workshop is part of the Risknowlogy SILComp® training program. The SILComp® program certifies professionals that are competent in SIL and Functional Safety. The delegates participating in the workshop need to submit two case studies demonstrating their competence in SIL Verification in order to become a Risknowlogy Certified Professional in SIL Verification and Calculation. Once certified all participants receive:

  • A personal Safety Passport
  • A Certificate of Attendance
  • A Certificate with the title Risknowlogy Certified Professional (after completion of the case study)
  • A listing on our website

All participants can qualify for a Safety Passport ID Card.