14th PRIME INTELLIGENCE Nouméa New Caledonia

risknowlogy 2019-08-22

The 14th Prime Intelligence  edition in Nouméa, New Caledonia, was conducted in partnership with IR&IS and A2EP this year. It was kindly hosted by A2EP the largest engineering design company in New Caledonia.

Presentations were delivered by Didier Turcinovic, an internationally recognised speaker, trainer and expert in the field of functional safety for safety systems and Bastien Bonte an engineer based in New Caledonia and specialised in the field.

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14th PRIME INTELLIGENCE Nouméa New Caledonia


Do you want to know what you missed at the 14th prime intelligence?

The program was rich in content as presented in the standard and on Functional Safety Management (FSM) key features along with practical local experiences

  • News in the industry
  • All what you need to know about FSM according to the latest IEC 61511 edition 2.0. standard
  • Concepts and values driving an efficient FSM
  • A targeted SIL is reached when proper periodic test protocol is place
  • Functional safety for SIS: where to start?
  • Functional safety: managerial and strategic questions and issues
  • How maintenance strategies influence the SIL of safety functions

The event was a great opportunity for sharing knowledge on functional safety for the industrial players present on the territory. It is not enough to know about the topic! The event was a great experience for exchanges with the attendance on the “what”, the “how” and “where” to start when it comes to engage on the subject on existing projects. One dominant idea expressed in the audience was that functional safety for safety systems in the process industry provides a remarkable support to safety, production as well as sustainable policies in development locally.

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Knowledge contributes to competence. And competence is fundamental when it comes to business involved with safety systems to the point that traceability is a necessity. Our Prime intelligence events deliver a high level of knowledge. Participants receive a free Safety Passport and certificate of attendance. With the Safety Passport professional specialists can demonstrate that they keep their knowledge in SIL and Functional Safety up to date. Personal Safety Passports, and their records, are access free online at www.risknowlogy.com.