About the Certified LOPA Facilitator / Chairman

Certified LOPA Facilitator / ChairmanA Certified LOPA Facilitator / Chairman is the person that chairs a Layers of Protection Analysis study. Before the LOPA starts the facilitator is usually involved in the preparation of the LOPA.

Get Your LOPA Facilitator / Chairman Competency Certified

If you are interested in becoming a Certified LOPA Facilitator / Chairman then you need to comply with the following requirements

  1. Submit proof of formal training in LOPA
  2. Two independent references that confirm that you facilitated LOPAs
  3. Two different LOPA case studies demonstrating that you where the LOPA Facilitator / Chairman
  4. Certification level:
    • Professional: >40 hours of verifiable LOPA Facilitator project hours, or
    • Expert: >1500 hours of verifiable LOPA Facilitator project hours, or
    • Master: >3000 hours of verifiable LOPA Facilitator project hours
  5. Interview with expert

The certification process

  1. Your register your intent to get certified and pay the Registration Fee
  2. You submit the above required proof for points 1-3 and 4 or 5
  3. Your application is reviewed, followed by a feedback
  4. Once all is compliant, an interview is scheduled
  5. The Certification Fee is paid after the successful interview
  6. The Competence Certificate is issued and your Safety Passport is updated

Contact Us If You Want To Become A Certified LOPA Facilitator / Chairman