Our Conformity Assessment program certifies competency in two ways

Competency is a BIG word. At Risknowlogy we define competency as a person’s capability to do something adequately. How a person does something adequately we measure in four ways:

  1. Training: We believe that in order to become competent you should receive adequate training;
  2. Knowledge: We believe that in order to demonstrate competency you should prove that you gained the knowledge;
  3. Practical experience: We believe that training and knowledge must be complemented by practical experience to demonstrate competency;
  4. Personal Attributes:  We believe that you need to naturally have the right personal attributes to succeed. Training, knowledge and practical experience cannot replace talent and passion for the job at hand.

To prove your competency we support you with our Conformity Assessment for People program which includes Knowledge Certification and Role Certification.

Knowledge Certification

All our advanced training courses come with exams and personal certification. We call these certificates Knowledge Certificates. In order to receive a Knowledge Certificate your must follow a training class and pass the associated exam. Check out the following links for more information:

  • All our training courses come with knowledge certificates.
  • Risknowlogy Certified Operator or FS Ops
  • Risknowlogy Certified Technician or FS Tech
  • Risknowlogy Certified Specialist or FS Specialist

The Risknowlogy Certified Technicians and Operators followed one more training courses. He or she performs technical work in the factory or plant and has hands on experience in the field when working with SIL. The Risknowlogy Certified Specialist has attended one or more certification courses. The Risknowlogy Professional is capable of managing the Operator and/or Technician and help with his or her job.

Role Certification

Gaining and demonstrating that you acquired the knowledge is one thing. The next step is to demonstrate that what you have learned in theory you can also apply in the field. You want to demonstrate that you have the practical experience as well. We do this with role based certificates. In the field of risk, reliability and safety there are many roles. For example:

If the role is related to risk, reliability or safety then we can certify that role. Depending on how much experience a person has we offer three different levels:

  • Risknowlogy Certified Professional or FS Pro
  • Risknowlogy Certified Expert or FS Expert
  • Risknowlogy Certified Master or FS Master

The Risknowlogy Certified Professional, Expert and Master cannot only demonstrate that they understood the theory but that they are also able to apply it in practice.

Certify My Competency

Why do you need to prove your competency?

Competency - Conformity Assessment

You can buy the best products in the world, you can own the safest safety systems in the world, you can have the best procedures in the world, but if the professionals using them are not competent it will all be for nothing. Many safety related standards require competent professionals to do the work, e.g.:

Requirement 6.2.13 from IEC 61508: “Procedures shall be developed to ensure that all persons … shall have the appropriate competence … relevant to the specific duties that they have to perform.”

Requirement from IEC 61511: “Persons, departments or organisations involved in safety life-cycle activities shall be competent to carry out the activities for which they are accountable.”

Conformity Assessment Standard

The basis of our conformity assessment program for persons is based on ISO 17024.