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Select Your Risknowlogy Certification Program

At Risknowlogy we certify risk, reliability, safety and SIL for product suppliers, system integrators, epc’s, end users, governments and insurance companies. Use the tables below to select the certification that fits your needs best. Below the tables you will find more information about our certification program.

Certification for

Products manufacturers, oems
  • Elements, Products, Subsystems
  • Transmittters, Logic Solvers, Final Elements, etc
  • Type Approval
  • Product Certificate
  • Report to the certificate
  • Certification Marks
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Certification for

Solutions end user, epc
  • Functions, solutions, systems
  • ESD, HIPPS, BMS, OPS, LDS, any safety system
  • Type Approval
  • Solution Certificate
  • Report to the certificate
  • Certification Marks
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Certification for

Organisations end user, epc, si
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Certification for

End-User Sites end user
  • Installed safety solutions
  • FAT, iFAT, SAT
  • Approval and Witnessing
  • Site Certificate
  • Report to the certificate
  • Certification Marks
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Risknowlogy Certification Program

Risknowlogy’s certification helps you stand out from the crowd. Our  service is based on the simple principle that an independent, impartial party verifies whether statements made by another party are true. In the certification business we are recognised and respected as a competent, independent, and impartial partner.

Certification plays an important role in the world, not only for product suppliers, system integrators and end-users but also for local authorities, government organisations and insurance companies. It helps to easily independently verify whether a product, system, organisation or professional meets the qualification as required for the process or job at hand.

Risknowlogy has the knowledge and infrastructure to help their clients to either get certified or to support end-users in the kind of certification they need. We can act as the independent third party or support customers to get independent reviews from country specific organisations, insurance companies and local authorities or government agencies.

Risk, Reliability, Safety and SIL

We offer risk, reliability, safety and SIL verification, validation, assessment, audit and certification related to properties of elements, subsystems, products, functions, solutions, systems, organisations, services, studies and competence of professionals. Our certification results in a certificate and/or report, documenting important properties about the products, systems, organisations or persons. We have issued certificates for:

  • The competence of professionals (SILComp®)
  • The functional safety management procedures of organisations
  • Mechanical, electro-mechancial, electronic and programmable electronic devices
  • Embedded and application software
  • Software tools
  • Risk, reliability, and safety studies

Our Definition

At Risknowlogy certification is defined as:

A process through which an independent, impartial and qualified entity can attest that the claimed attributes of a product, function, system, or organisation are performed at a verifiable level of dependability.

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