• The training course is making good impact in the work we do here.
    Emeka Erugo, Lead Instrument Engineer
  • Dil is brilliant. It was a pleasure listening to him An enjoyable course with a trainer who was very easy to understand and kept the emphasis on of safety paramount whilst not being overly serious. An easy learning environment.
    Attendee, Engineer
  • Michel is truly one of the few Functional Safety subject matter experts in the industry. His knowledge and expertise covers the entire safety lifecycle. Michel helped us in showing the right direct and realign our corporate functional safety strategy in selection of component for Safety Instrumented System. Michel works with high integrity, openness and communicates in an honest manor. Highly recommended for business.

    Jai Chainani, Control & Automation Engineer @ BP
  • I have worked a long time with safety instrumentation and process safety and have a strong feeling that I can handle it quite well, but I was important for me to have a formal certification to show it to others as well 🙂
    Marko Orpana, SCIS Engineer
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the course. It was a great experience to have attended it. The course was very informative & enjoyable. It changed my perspective towards & understanding of Functional safety. A lot of my misconceptions were corrected. A lot of confusions were resolved.
    Nithin Nasimudeen, Process Control Engineer