• During the course of engagement Risknowlogy Middle East has consistently displayed a sense of professional commitment toward excellence and demonstrated profound understanding of our business requirements and delivered an appropriate solution to obtain TUV certification on Functional Safety related to Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).

    Shonan Das, OD Senior Advisor @ Petrofac
  • I have worked a long time with safety instrumentation and process safety and have a strong feeling that I can handle it quite well, but I was important for me to have a formal certification to show it to others as well 🙂
    Marko Orpana, SCIS Engineer
  • I've hired Michel several times to conduct Functional Safety Audits on safety systems. He always did an excellent job. In most difficult situations as working under political pressure, and in flavoure of project benefits he and his co-workers did a wonderfull job.

    Wim Janssen, Stafmedewerker @ RWS/CD Bureau Veiligheidsbeambte
  • Plain and simple, it's a good course. I had parts of the puzzle and couldn't work out how they all fit together before I attended the course, now I know. It covers all the material needed for a solid understanding of functional safety. The course maybe intense just by nature of the topic but it is an engaging course delivered by someone who is obviously very experienced and enthusiastic about the topic.
    Anonymous, Principal Safety and Risk Engineer
  • The training course is making good impact in the work we do here.
    Emeka Erugo, Lead Instrument Engineer