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Rebranding Risknowlogy – Architect of prosperity

risknowlogy 2019-02-18 Global
Risknowlogy Logo - 444x200

A new look. A new feel. A reinforced focus. In the last year we, at Risknowlogy, have asked ourselves some important questions. Who are we? What do we stand for? Where do we want to go? Who do we want to take along with us? This made us realise that our original branding and house style brought us where we are today. But in the mean time, we have evolved, we have grown, we have become international, and most of all our world has changed. This led us to a journey to rebrand ourselves, a quite exiting journey that we

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Functional Safety, SIL and Cyber Security workshop Mumbai June 2018

risknowlogy 2018-06-12 India, Training

Risknowlogy India organised on 11 June 2018 a Functional safety, SIL and Cyber Security workshop in Mumbai. The workshop was attended by participants from HPCL, ONGC and ADNCO. They got trained by Mr. Mandar Phadke. All participants received a Safety Passport for attending this course. Feedback from the course The course received an approval rating of 82%. On average the participants felt they improved their knowledge about the topic What did the participants say: “I got to understand the meaning & necessity of safety equipment and procedures that I deal with” – Amit G. “Presentation was good” – Archana V.

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Functional Safety Management at Finnish Transport Agency

risknowlogy 2018-05-18 Global, Services News, Switzerland, Training
Functional Safety Management at Finish Transport Agency

Safety Advisor and Risknowlogy conducted a Functional Safety Management event at the Finish Transport Agency (FTA) on 17 and 18 May, in Helsinki, Finland. The FTA invited 30 employees and consultants from the Finnish railway industry to attendant the event. The purpose of the event was to explain and discuss Functional Safety Management with the team. Participants came from: FTA Ramboll Rejlers IsaCon Welado Sweco The Functional Safety Management presentation were conducted by Matti Katajala of Safety Advisor and Dr. Michel Houtermans of Risknowlogy. The presentation where based on EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129 and IEC 61508.  Functional Safety

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SIL 3 INDAVE Ball Valves

risknowlogy 2018-02-04 Argentina Archives, Certification News, Global, India, United Arab Emirates

The SIL 3 INDAVE Ball Valves was carried out by Risknowlogy Argentina in cooperation with Risknowlogy Switzerland according to IEC 61508.

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Documentation lessons learned from HIPPS certification projects

Farshad Nourai 2017-11-13 Best Practices, Global, India, UK, United Arab Emirates

Over the last two years Risknowlogy, our certification partner, and us have successfully completed various SIL verification and certification projects in Iran. All projects included the preparation, verification and assessment of the above documents. Needless to say, every project is unique and poses its own challenges; And lessons.

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First functional safety conference in Venezuela

risknowlogy 2017-08-06 Argentina Archives, Global, Uruguay
Certificación de competencias en Venezuela

CSF organised the first functional safety conference and training in Lechería, Venezuela, from 22 to 26 of May 2017. Due to a strategic alliance between CSF and Risknowlogy it was possible for Venezuelan engineering professionals to get trained and certified as functional safety engineers and professionals for safety instrumented systems according to IEC 61511. It is important to note the effort involved to get the conference and training to take place in times when in Venezuela strong social and economical conflicts are present. Consignment “safety first” was never better applied and now SIL competency in Venezuela is a fact. First

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5th PRIME INTELLIGENCE Helsinki 15 May 2017

risknowlogy 2017-05-18 Global, India, UK, United Arab Emirates
Prime Intelligence Helsinki 8 May 2017

On 15 May 2017 Safety Advisor and Risknowlogy Switzerland organised the 5th PRIME INTELLIGENCE event in Helsinki, Finland. Risknowlogy has been operating in Finland in cooperation with Safety Advisor for the last 11 years but this was the first time that PRIME INTELLIGENCE came to Helsinki. We had quite a crowd with participants from companies like ABB, Epec, VR Track, Massive Dynamic, Rejlers Finland, Borealis Polymers, Censeo, Mipro and EKE Electronics. They represented industrial automation, solutions providers, infrastructure, expert, procurement and management services, engineering, polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers, safety management and assessment, risk management and environmental safety, vivo assessment management, train automation and system integration. Amazing crowed… Do

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Risknowlogy at Siemens Singapore

risknowlogy 2017-05-18 Global, United Arab Emirates
Risknowlogy at Siemens Singapore

Dr. Michel Houtermans of Risknowlogy meets with Mr. Franz Handermann, Partner Manager Process Safety at Siemens, and his colleagues from Siemens Singapore Mr. Lee and Mr. Chung. Topic of discussion was functional safety and competency. Risknowlogy provides Siemens with training services for their internal and partner programs.

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Kardanan SIL 3 certified PLC Wellhead Control Panel

risknowlogy 2017-05-04 Global, United Arab Emirates
Kardanan SIL 3 certified PLC Wellhead Control Panel

Risknowlogy certified the hardware and application software of the PLC used to manage the safety instrumented functions of 17 Wellheads. Kardanan Shargh designed and implemented the hardware and software of the Siemens PLC. The certification project included the following: Functional Safety Management; Hardware requirements; Hardware reliability; Application logic requirements; User documentation; FAT Are you interested in SIL certification for your WHCP? Fill out the contact form below  

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Risknowlogy trains Middle East Leaders

risknowlogy 2017-05-04 Global, Training, United Arab Emirates
Risknowlogy Training Dubai

Risknowlogy trained this week McDermott, EGA, Dragon Oil, Farah Experiences, and Dar Al Handasah Consultants in their Dubai office. Topic was functional safety and SIL according to IEC 61511 and for our special guest from Farah Experiences IEC 61508. Farah Experiences operates theme parks like Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. Just like in the process industry (oil and gas, chemical, etc) safety is of the upmost importance. The safety “problems” for theme parks and rides are just as complex and sometimes even more complex then in oil and gas. It is good to know for all visitors of Farah Experiences theme parks that

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PRIME INtelligence Paris February 2017

risknowlogy 2017-03-06 Global
Prime intelligence Paris 2017 02 28 Web

IR&IS and FMDS organised a PRIME INTELLEGENCE event on 28 February 2027 in Paris, France. The event was attended by participants from Technip, Veolia, Actemium, HIMA, Tyco, Techma, and Safir. The participants learned about: Functional safety: a new necessity in the industry? Changes in Edition 2 of IEC 61511 New Requirements for Architectural Constraints Comprehending the PFDavg and PFH quantification The speakers of the event were Mr. Didier Turcinovic and Dr. Florent Brissaud. Feedback PRIME INtelligence Paris February 2017 The feedback from the participants was excellent. Out of 100 the event scored 84.29. From very short feedback like “Good”, “Very good”,

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3rd SIL Verification and Calculation course Mumbai February 2017

risknowlogy 2017-02-12 Global, India, Training
3rd SIL Verification and Calculation course Mumbai February 2017

Risknowlogy India organised for the 3rd edition of the SIL Verification and Calculation course in Mumbai, India.   The course was attended by participants from HPCL, ABB, Reliance, CB&I, Deccan Fine Chemicals and independent Safety Consultants. All participants received a Safety Passport – an online track record independently verified by Risknowlogy. The participants were trained in: The verification of the SRS The verification of the hardware and embedded software of devices The verification of the architectural constraints The verification of the PFD calculation The verification of the Application logic (Software and parametrization) The verification of basic safety and manuals The verification

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Risknowlogy trains ADNOC, Oryx, Technip, Samref, Safe Controls, and EGA

risknowlogy 2017-01-19 Global, India, UK, United Arab Emirates
Risknowlogy SIL and FS course - Dubai - January 2017

Risknowlogy trained this week ADNOC, Oryx, Technip, Samref, Safe Controls, and EGA in their Dubai office. Topic was functional safety and SIL according to IEC 61511. The course material and exam is TUV certified. The participants all receive a Safety Passport and the TUV certificate if they pass the exam. This course is another step towards building a community of functional safety professionals. It was a great course. Customers from all over the Middle East meeting in Dubai, UAE. This is what the training delegates had to say: “It helps to understand the FSM thereby enhancing the skills during the course

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Profits Over Safety – You Seriously Do Not Get It

Michel Houtermans 2017-01-14 Global, India, UK, United Arab Emirates
Nick Leeson

Every company is in the business of making money. So far so good. But taking too much risk can get you out of business. Profits Over Safety is not a sound business strategy. The latest company that took profits over business is Takata. End result: 17 deaths, one billion in USD file and 3 executives facing criminal charges. Remind me again, how is high risk for business?

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Risknowlogy trains Borouge Functional Safety Professionals

risknowlogy 2016-11-27 Global, Training, United Arab Emirates
Borouge Functional Safety Professionals

This November, Risknowlogy held an In-House Functional Safety for Safety Instrumented System Professionals training for employees of Borouge, at their office in Ruwais, UAE. The Functional Safety for Safety Instrumented System Professionals course is part of the SILComp® training and certification program. Topic was the concepts of Functional Safety and SIL according to IEC 61511. The Borouge functional safety professionals attended a four day training followed by an exam on day 5. The exam takes four hours and consists of 60 multiple choice questions and 25 open questions. When the professional scores 75% on the exam he or she receives a Safety Passport and a TUV Certificate

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